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Hornsby House donates 36 computers to developing countries

36 computers were taken out of service at Hornsby House School in Wandsworth during the summer holidays. They have now been refurbished by ComputerAid and supplied to a range of projects in developing countries around the world, with the aim of reducing poverty through practical ICT solutions.

While the children and teachers of Hornsby House School were enjoying their summer holidays earlier this year, the IT team was hard at work replacing and upgrading computers, display screens and software around the school. In total, 36 new computers and four new display screens were installed, while new software was installed on all new and existing computers. The result was a significant upgrade to an already impressive range of facilities, which include four classrooms with retractable computers at every desk and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.

The 36 older computers that were taken out of service at Hornsby House were donated to the charity ComputerAid International and will now have a new lease of life in developing countries. ComputerAid aims to reduce poverty in these countries through practical ICT solutions and provides high quality, professionally refurbished computers for reuse in education, health, agriculture and not-for-profit organisations. The 36 computers donated by Hornsby House are on their way to a range of projects around the world, including Chilenter, an organisation in Chile, whose aim is to ensure that schools in the poorest and most isolated areas have access to ICT. Although Chile is one of South America’s more stable and prosperous nations, it has an uneven distribution of wealth and a high level of rural poverty, together with the unique geographical challenges of the Andes mountains and long distances between communities. With the help of the computers provided by ComputerAid, thousands of Chilean children now have the opportunity to learn the IT skills vital to their future job prospects. Chilenter is just one of many organisations around the world which are using refurbished computers from ComputerAid to give poor people access to ICT. Jon Gray, Headmaster, said, "ICT is a central part of the education provided at Hornsby House. We are very happy that these computers will have a new lease of life through the excellent work being done by ComputerAid and their partner organisations in developing countries.”

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