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If you are looking for a local event in Hampton, Kingston, Walton and Sunbury, or larger events a bit further afield, from something as diverse as the Watercress Festival in Hampshire, or the National Quilt Championships at Sandown Park, to something as local as Sunbury Open Gardens, to the more well known events such as Hampton Court Palace Festival or Flower Show, all this and more is listed here.
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January 2020
February 2020

  Feb 5        Birds of Moor & Mountain
                   York House, York Street, Twickenham.
                   RSPB illustrated talk by Andre Farrar

Feb 11         Return to Zimbabwe

                    York House, York Street, Twickenham.

                    RSPB illustrated talk by Mike



Feb 23-29    The Revlon Girl

                     Hampton Hill Theatre, 90 High Street,

                     Hampton Hill

                     A play by Neil Anthony Docking.


Feb 27          Bowing to Tradition

                     Unexpected Sides to Japanese


                     Riverhouse Arts Centre, Walton.

                     A Royston Pike lecture by Jim Holmes.


Feb 27          Round the Horn 

                     Africa's Endemic Hotspot St.

                     Charles Borromeo School, Portmore

                     Way, Weybridge

                     RSPB illustrated talk by Nigel Redman


Feb 27          Outer Hebrides with Dog

                     Ripley Village Hall, High Street, Ripley

                     Illustrated talk by Anna Stribley for the

                     West Surrey Natural History Society


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What's On...

Events, shows, concerts, sporting occassions - month by month in your area -
What's On
Jun 27
Pride in London: Pride Day. London - various Celebration of sexual diversity, including the Pride parade (www.prideinlondon.org)
Jul 6-12
Pride in London: Pride Day Celebration of sexual diversity, including the Pride Parade. www.prideinlondon.org
Jul 11
The Gin to My Tonic Festival Kempton Park Fantastic celebration of all things gin! (www.kempton.co.uk)
Aug 15
Sunbury Regatta Rivermead Island, Sunbury (www.sunburyregatta.com)